Key features of Invoice Gap Insurance

  • A combination of Finance and Invoice GAP Insurance – Covering up to the greater of either the outstanding finance at the time of claim or the original invoice price.
  • Available for Cars up to 8 years old, purchased within the last 90 days from an authorised dealer or finance house.
  • NO Market Value clauses.
  • Ability to cancel the policy at any time and receive a daily pro-rata refund of unused premium (a cancellation fee may apply).
  • CASH payout to you rather than to a nominated dealer, leaving you free to choose the provider of your replacement vehicle.
  • Available for Cars bought for up to £200,000.
  • OPTION to include cover for up to £2,000 of negative equity brought forward from your previous vehicle.
  • Underwritten by DTW 1991 Underwriting Limited on behalf of Syndicate DTW1991 at Lloyd’s.
  • Pays up to £250 towards the excess on your Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy.
  • FREE transfer of any unused premium on to a new policy on a replacement vehicle
  • NO right to revalue the purchase price of your vehicle at the time you bought it.
  • Policy durations of up to 4 years available.
  • Claim Limits of up to £75,000 available.
  • FREE policy amendments.

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