We don't charge cancellation fees if you cancel your policy early.

GAP Insurance Facts: Free Policy Transfers.

We understand that things change and we're happy to work with you and not penalise you when you change or sell your vehicle.

Take out GAP Insurance with us and if you sell and replace your originally covered vehicle with a new one during the policy term, you can transfer the remaining balance of your policy to your new vehicle.

What's more, you can do this entirely... FREE OF CHARGE!

How do we transfer your policy?

If you sell and replace your vehicle and require GAP Insurance on the new vehicle, simply let us know and we'll cancel your original policy.

As part of the cancellation of your original GAP Insurance policy, we'll calculate how much of the original premium you paid is due back to you* and you can either use this amount against the cost of purchasing a new GAP Insurance policy for the new vehicle, or, you can ask for this amount to be refunded. No cancellation / transfer fees will apply either way!

Please refer to the full policy terms and conditions for more details.

* - Pro-rata rebates are calculated based on the number of whole days remaining on cover.

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