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Is GAP Insurance Worth It?

You might be asking yourself if GAP insurance is worth it. Insurance, road tax, fuel, fluffy dice – owning a new car is an expensive business. The last thing you want is another cost on your shopping list.

But can you afford to not have GAP insurance on your new vehicle? It may just save you thousands and thousands of pounds in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Not sure what GAP insurance is, not sure if it’s worth getting? Read on...

What is GAP insurance and how does it work?

Well, GAP insurance – or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance to give it its full name – covers you for the gap between what your car is worth, and how much it has cost you. Let us explain.

Let’s imagine that you have just taken delivery of a brand new VW Golf for a fee of £12,500. Very nice it is too.

But in five years’ time you are unfortunate enough to have a road accident and the car is deemed to be a write-off.

If you do not have GAP insurance, then your insurance company will offer you a pay-out at the car’s current market value. That is what it is worth in five years’ time.

Now, depending on the car’s condition, how many miles you have put on the clock, the colour, extras etc, then that pay out could be as little as £4,000.

Could you replace the car for £4,000. Of course not. What would you do?

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Here’s what happens if you have GAP insurance...

This is why we think GAP Insurance is worth it. If you had taken out GAP insurance from Gapinsurance.co.uk, then after the accident you could be paid out enough to cover what you paid for the car! A cheque for £12.500, or maybe even more.

That is because, depending on the cover you take out, if the cost of a replacement Golf had risen in the five years since you purchased yours, you would receive the cost of a new Golf at the time. You are covered.

Put simply, GAP insurance is worth it because it means that you will be able to buy a brand new replacement vehicle in the event of an accident.

For more information on return to invoice – or ‘original price’ GAP insurance, click here.

For more information on vehicle replacement GAP insurance, which allows for any increase in the value of your replacement car, click here.

GAP insurance could prevent a nasty surprise, especially if you have purchased your new car on long-term finance.

So before you think ‘is GAP insurance worth it?’ just ask yourself how you would replace your car in a few years’ time, if you had an accident.

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GAP insurance ensures that you are covered, no matter what.

We cover cars worth up to £150,000 and offer a wide range of benefits. We are competitively priced and could save you up to £300 a year on a quote from your main dealer on a new car.

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