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Get the UK’s leading VW GAP Insurance

Don’t be left out of pocket if your Volkswagen gets written off.

Without VW GAP insurance, your current motor insurance may not be enough to replace your car.

With GAP insurance for your VW, you are guaranteed to recoup your costs should the worst happen.

Why VW GAP Insurance

GAP insurance policies cover the difference between your main cover payout and the original value of your vehicle - or the cost of getting an identical replacement.

So should your VW be written off in an accident, GAP insurance will get you back on the road without taking a hit in your bank balance.

At GAPInsurance.co.uk, our expert advisers can make sure you get the right deal to cover your car in the event of an accident.

Click here to find out more GAPInsurance.co.uk and to see how our experts can help you.

Our VW GAP insurance policies come in two forms – click to see their key features - invoice GAP insurance or replacement GAP insurance.

The former will make up the difference between any policy payout and the original price of your Volkswagen - or any remaining payments due if it was financed.

Meanwhile replacement GAP insurance will also cover the cost of replacing your written off VW with an identical model - even if the new car costs MORE than you originally spent on your vehicle originally.

Peace of Mind

But both deals will give you peace of mind about providing the right type of cover for your vehicle.

And as long as your vehicle is less than five years old, and was bought within the last 12 months, GAPInsurance.co.uk can provide cover to make up a shortfall in your existing motor insurance.

A trusted family firm with more than 60 years’ worth of providing insurance services for clients across the country, you can be sure of the right deal for your VW is with us.

See what just some of our satisfied customers say about our GAP insurance policies.

So call 01943 850999, or click here to contact us, and get a VW GAP insurance quote from our experts to see how we help make sure you do not need to mind the gap.