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Peugeot GAP Insurance

Why do you need Peugeot gap insurance?

The answer is simple; in the event your car is involved in an accident and is wrecked to the extent of being written off, your insurer will pay your claim.

But the amount they give you will not be the original value of your beloved Peugeot.

It will be its current market value; an amount considerably lower.

Helping you bridge this gap between your insurance payout and the cost of replacing your Peugeot is what gap insurance is all about.

It saves you the burden of having to go back into your pocket to foot this difference.

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Gap insurance Options for your Peugeot

We at Pickles & Burns offer two kinds of gap insurance; replacement gap insurance and invoice gap insurance.

Invoice gap insurance: Ordinarily if your car is assessed after an accident and found to be a write off, your insurance company will pay you the market value of the car. This will be significantly lower than the amount you bought it for as the value of cars depreciate over time. You will therefore only be able to buy a car like yours was at the time of the accident. With this policy however, it'll pay the difference between your Motor Insurance payout the greater of either the amount outstanding on finance at the time of claim (if any) OR the original invoice price that you bought the car for.

Replacement gap insurance: This policy will pay you the difference between your Motor Insurance payout and the greater of either the amount oustanding finance (if any) at the time of claim OR, the original invoice price that you bought your vehicle for OR, what it would cost at the time of claim to replace the vehicle with a vehicle of the same (or nearest equivalent) make, model, specification, age and mileage as your original vehicle was at the time you first bought it.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in motor insurance brokerage, you can rely on Pickles & Burns for expert advice along the way.

We pride ourselves on offering the leading, competitive rates on gap insurance for your car

Ask for a quote or call us on 01943 850999 to assure yourself of the best value on gap insurance for your Peugeot vehicle