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Jaguar GAP Insurance

If you are the proud new owner of a Jaguar then you should be giving serious consideration to getting GAP insurance.

Jaguar’s are one of the finest cars on the road, however if something takes it off the road you could be left heavily out of pocket. That is unless you have taken the time to set up GAP Insurance. At gapinsurance.co.uk we offer extremely competitive rates and make the process of arranging the insurance straightforward.

GAP insurance – or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance – is your safety net. In the unfortunate event of an accident, fire or theft which causes your Jaguar to be written off, you would receive a sum to cover what you paid for the car. Not what it is deemed to be worth on the day as is the case with standard insurance.

Sound like you may need that safety net? Call gapinsurance.co.uk today on 01943 850999 for more information and a free quote.

Still not sure whether you need GAP insurance? Let’s give you an example of what may happen.

For argument’s sake let’s say you have purchased a Jaguar XF for £35,000. In five years’ time you are unfortunate enough to have a road accident and the car is damaged enough to be deemed a write-off.

The Gap in your Jaguar Insurance

If you do not have GAP insurance, then your insurance company will write your Jaguar off at its current market value. Depending on condition, mileage, etc that could be as little as £15,000.

Would you be in a position to pay off any outstanding finance on your Jaguar with such a payment? Could you buy a replacement? No!

Here’s where GAP insurance steps in.

If you had taken out GAP insurance from GAPInsurance.co.uk, then after the accident you would have received £35,000 – or even more.

Depending on the Gap cover you take out, if the cost of a replacement car had risen in the time since you purchased your Jaguar, then you could also receive that increase.

GAP insurance means that you will be able to buy a brand new replacement vehicle in the event of an accident.

For more information on return to invoice GAP insurance, click here.

For more information on vehicle replacement GAP insurance, which allows for increase in the value of your replacement car, click here.

For more information and a free quote for Jaguar GAP insurance, call gapinsurance.co.uk on 01943 850999 today, or email us now using this simple form.

Don’t be left wondering – let GAPInsurance.co.uk put your mind at rest now.