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Compare Our Ford GAP insurance Deals

Don’t be substantially out of pocket should your Ford ever be written off – protect yourself with Ford Gap Insurance.

As we know, most car insurance companies aren’t renowned for their charitable gestures. If your Ford vehicle is ever written off, they will offer you a settlement figure based on the current market value on their terms. This figure is often much lower than the amount still owed on your finance agreement, (which of course you will still be obligated to pay). Ford Gap Insurance will ensure you never lose out by covering the variation i.e. the gap.

Gap Insurance cover for your Ford

Many companies offer Ford gap insurance including Ford dealerships so it pays to shop around. If you are looking for the best value from your Ford Gap Insurance, you’re come to the right place. We offer two types of Gap Insurance. You can read more about Invoice gap insurance here. This is by far the most common option. We also offer Replacement Gap Insurance should that be your preference.

Ford GAP insurance

Familes safe with Ford

Where would modern drivers be without Henry Ford – the man who kick-started the age of car ownership with his mass assembly methods in the 1920s? Thanks to Ford, motor cars became affordable and reliable just like our Ford Gap insurance. These days his company is one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet – famous in the UK for makes like the Fiesta, Mondeo and Focus.

As with any high quality automobile, Fords are very desirable to thieves. And although you may think that your comprehensive insurance will be adequate, it’s only when the car is written off, whether it is stolen and unrecovered or it is involved in an accident, that you will be notified of the current market value. Predictably, that amount usually proves to be significantly lower than the amount you originally paid.

So whether you bought or leased your Ford, used a finance option or took out loan, you can avoid this financial shortfall with our Ford GAP Insurance. We will pay out the difference between your Insurance settlement and the price you paid originally, or the amount needed to get you a new-for-old replacement, or all outstanding finance if necessary.

The history of your Ford

Founded in June 1903 Ford is one of the longest standing car manufacturers, it is also the fifth largest automaker in the world.

Ford’s success in various motor sports is well documented and they continue to be at the forefront with numerous accolades. And continuing the sporting theme in the UK, they also sponsor Sky Sports. Ford currently provides a huge portion of commercial vehicles used in the UK.

So you’re in good company when you drive your Ford. Just make sure that you have the full protection offered by Ford gap insurance so that you’ll continue to drive one of the world’s safest most reliable cars, whatever happens.

For more information on Ford Gap Insurance, or for a no-obligation quote, get in touch now.